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Why should you invest through IIG?




Innovative Investing Group, Inc. has been established to enable individuals and families to invest in the right asset at the right time at the right price for better returns and financial stability. We are one-stop for an investor to buy, build, manage and sell on our platform. 

Below are the important reasons, why an investor should buy with IIG.

1. Detailed Analysis 

All the opportunities that are listed on our portal are analyzed by our expert team who are having more than two decades of experience in investing in various principles. We also provide the analysis in the form of documents or video walkthrough. We believe all the opportunities will yield a min of10% ROI per annum.

2. Video walkthrough 

In the video walkthrough, we will present the detailed analysis which will include the pros and cons of the opportunity in a live webinar, which will be uploaded to our website only for exclusive IIG members. 

3. End to end help for new construction 

We have successfully completed various constructions. Our expert team will assist you in constructing luxury living or cooperate spaces at affordable prices.  

4. Property management at minimal fees

No matter where you are, IIG will help managing the property by assisting you with the occupancy and any issues with the property at a very minimal charge 

5. Help with paperwork while buying 

We at IIG help the investor to invest on their name and secure their interest. So that either investors or their future generations can reap the returns. We will help you with all the paperwork required for investment, irrespective of your nationality.

6. Two years of free asset management 

The real deal comes after the property is bought and has to be well-maintained and make sure that the property is safe and secure at regular intervals. But, when a property is brought with IIG, the investor is assured the safety and maintenance of the property for 2 years by IIG for free. 

7. Sell your asset on our portal

Investors can sell the asset either bought from IIG through or from other sources with our online portal, and the best part is you can save a lot on brokerage commission by listing on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@iigforyou.com



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